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We provide a complete offering

We aim for and take pride in a tailored solution for each of your clients.

We offer equipment and solutions

The Zultys MX family of cloud and premise based enterprise class IP phone systems combines best of breed communications features into an easily scalable “all-in-one” native SIP solution. Based on secure Linux and open standard, Zultys packs its systems full of business enhancing features that provide a wide range of enterprise-class services, allowing companies to gain a competitive advantage and achieve a rapid return on investment.

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We develop applications and services

XYZRD GROUP developed and continues to develop next-gen services and applications for Apple iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and the Web. Our strong team of dedicated programmers and UI designers have and continue to build intelligent, easy to use applications enabling you to take your business to the next level. We design communication solutions for a range of devices that utilise Internet based technologies including mobile devices and IoT.

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We provide next-level tech support

Our Tech support helps you use technology to keep your operations running smoothly. We support devices and services crucial to a business’ daily operations. We offer tech-support services that enable you to receive support via remote connection, email, online chats or phone calls. Our services make it possible you to use and maintain the communication solutions vital to your business operations.

Case studies

Our experience and eye for detail enables us to provide excellent communication solutions.

Marketing company

25 remote workers around Europe. Few shared inbound numbers. Need to have call distribution rules depended of country of originated call (example: call from Poland must be first come to user A, at the next step to user B, C and D. call from Finland must be first come to user D, at the next step to user B, A). A lot of direct calls around European partners and customers. Shared address book across the team. Client already have subscription to G-Suite for Business. Client already have ITSP subscription. All workers are using Android devices.


Connector 73 – Office subscription with Connnector73 app (Zultys Mobile for Android). All workers devices are configured on Provisioning server to easy access for the service.

Our profs

• Easy to use - worker can use his Google account with Connector73.
• Single subscription - office subscription includes up to 50 users include mobile.
• Possibility to keep existing ITSP - our solution and products provides customers wide selection of ITSPs.
• Connection Quality - Connector73 have a excellent connectivity around European countries.
• Flexible call handling rules - centralized distribution of call handling rules provide customer to keep control over workload and don't miss any important calls.

Travel agency

5 office workers and 10 remote workers around Czech Republic. Need to have one unified inbound numbers. Need to have mini contact center functions. Management want to have detail reports regards communication activities. All workers must make calls using predefined numbers. Shared address book across the team. Customer want to reduce expenses for infrastructure and reduce monthly bill.


Zultys MX-SE server with ZAC app for desktop users and Connector73 app for mobile (includes iOS and Android versions). All workers devices are configured on Provisioning server to easy access for the service.

Our profs

• Easy to use - worker can use his email address to get access to Connector73 services.
• Single license - Subscription include up to 15 users include mobile.
• No need real ICC subscription - calls handling scenario was implemented using hunting group functionality + plus simple additional free/busy service.
• Competitive price - Monthly lease for server and service + traffic cost is not exceeding 120 Euro per month price level.
• Reports tools for free - we provide base reporting tools for free.
• Connection Quality - we provides a excellent connectivity around European countries.

Office service provider

Office service provider have a office space for up to 20 companies and up to 200 workers. Need to have many phone numbers. Management want to have detail reports for billing. Solution must be flexible to reflect changes of number of tenancies. Tenancies can have phone numbers for many countries. Solution can be configured to support wide range of usage scenarios.


Connector 73 – Enterprise subscription. Specially tailored for this Office service provider. Subscription configured to be pay as you go (real monthly resources usage) and include rental of phones and mobile devices. System configured to support up to 20 private client’s environments.

Our profs

• No investments - Customer do not need to make capital investments to his infrastructure.
• Phone numbers around the world - we provide possibility to have phone numbers in many countries include China.
• Extensibility - solution can be extended up to 5000 users without additional investments.
• Support for ITSPs - possibility to have connection with many ITSPs at the same time.
• Competitive price - our price for Enterprise subscription + traffic cost is up to 30% lover than at competitors.
• Reports tools for free - we provide advanced reporting tools for Enterprise subscribers for free.
• Ready for billing - we provide application to export billing ready data for external systems.

As Our Partner, What’s In It For You?

We offer a range of the finest communication products and services combined with great rewards for our partners.

Next-level products

We deliver a compelling feature-rich Enterprise-class IP phone system. One of the, if not the best available today. The Zultys award-winning platform allows our partners to offer their clients an complete communications solution to connect all of their employees, offices and teams together.

Commitment to our Partners

Our team are focused on supporting our partners with the fastest and most effective solutions for their clients. We know the ins and out because we ourselves use all our products and services and thus are able to provide the absolute ‘best-in-class’ solutions to our partners for their clients.

Business ethics

Our aim is always to ensure increase our partner’s margins as well as offering our partners additional revenue opportunities (installation, integration and support service). We will never compete with you for your client and we have active policy to restrict the number of partners in each territory.

Demo Kits

All our partners have the opportunity to regularly receive free software licenses and access to services for testing and demonstration purposes to potential clients. On top of that we can also provide a range of equipment through our partnership program at a heavily reduced price.

Combined marketing efforts

We actively encourage all our partners to combine our efforts in marketing activities (include social media) by customising our messaging to your potential clients. We provide the opportunity to all our partners receive additional money for marketing efforts from each sale.

Collaborations with partners

We encourage our partners to engage us to create joint products and solutions. We are fully able and willing to integrate our platform with your applications and services in order to provide your clients with a unique product on the that fits their needs or a specific market needs.

Ability to listen

You’re our partner. We want to hear from you. What do your current or potential clients say, what do they need? Which functions do they need? What service additions do they want? We listen to you and can adapt our solutions and services accordingly within a range of possibilities.

Friendly tech support

Base support includes: access to the knowledge base, the ability to get support by phone, email and chat, as well as the ability to remotely solve problems with configuration and diagnostics. We provide second level technical support ensuring your relationships with your clients.

Who are we?

XYZrd Group was established to develop, market and distribute communication solutions and products.

  • 2015 - 1st custom solution for Zultys platform - MessageTrack
  • 2016 - Launch of Connector73 Cloud-based Service
  • 2017 - Authorized representative for Zultys in all European countries
  • 2018 - XYZRD GROUP OU become as Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. The launch of Connector73 in Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • We operate with partners/clients across the European continent
  • We facilitate migrations from on premise systems to the cloud
  • We provide a range of unique services and applications for the Zultys Platform
  • We offer direct sales to smaller clients and work with partners on medium and larger projects
  • We are aiming to re-establish sales channels with (old) Zultys customers
  • We create upgrades for legacy Zultys systems and offer enhanced features (i.e. cloud service)
  • We actively approach and recruit new (potential) partners / resellers
  • We predominantly utilize social medias for our marketing efforts and brand-awareness
  • We offer both our services and / or the full line of Zultys products and solutions
  • 55% - Cloud service
  • 35% - Custom development
  • 5% - Zultys licenses
  • 5% - Zultys hardware


As a company one of our major milestones is and was releasing the cloud-based Connector73 solution. This smart and savvy service supports classic communications such as; voice calls and messages but also next-gen innovative ones like video, multimedia file sharing (pictures, sound, video), location services, chats, bots, and integration with external systems such as CRM and/or ERP. The genius behind Connector73 is the ability to connect different types of communication devices, from classic phones to mobile, wearable and smart devices (IoT – Internet of Things) and integrate them with various communication services.

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Zultys delivers the most compelling feature-rich Enterprise-class IP PBX telephone system in its class today. Our award-winning platform allows businesses to easily deploy a complete voice and Unified Communications solutions without the complexity or cost of the other brands. Zultys connects all of your offices and teams together into a seamless network, so whether you have one office or multiple locations your employees can work together as a single integrated team to boost productivity and the quality of service provided to your customers.

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Want to know more about us?

Let us know your requests, questions and/or comments.



Full IP-PBX for small and branch offices. Up to 50 users and 40 trunks. SIP, FXO, BRI, T1/E1/PRI



Up to 250 users and 60 trunks per MX250. Cluster for 1,000 users & 240 trunks per site. SIP, FXO, BRI, T1, PRI. N+1 Redundancy option with XRS-12 switch. RAID Disk Mirroring (SATA or SSD options)



Supported ESXi 4.1, 5.0, & 5.5 Type 1 Hypervisors. Up to 4000 users & 1000 trunks. Support for VMware HA and vMotion


IP Phone ZIP 33G

Display 132x64 with backlight, full dulpex speakerphone, 2 Gigabit Ethernet with PoE, 6 programming buttons, LDAP support, port for headset, wall-mount possibility.


IP Phone ZIP 36G

Pixel display 240x120 with backlight, full dulpex speakerphone, 2 Gigabit Ethernet with PoE, 21 programming buttons, LDAP support, port for headset, Electronic Hook Switch (EHS).


IP Phone ZIP 37G

Color display 480x272 with backlight, full dulpex speakerphone, 2 Gigabit Ethernet with PoE, 20 LCD-labeled programming buttons, LDAP support, port for headset, Electronic Hook Switch (EHS), meaasges from CONNECTOR73.



Connector73 - a mobile application that provides the ability to make and receive calls through Zultys MX and Connector73 service, using all its features. At the same time, the application is fully integrated with the operating system and standard applications of the user's mobile device. The full potential of the application is revealed when working with the MessageTrack application. Supports work on devices with Apple iOS and Android.
More information Coming Soon.



MessageTrack is a simple to use mobile application that allows its users the ability to have real-time communications through the Zultys MX and Connector73 service. It provides a multitude of easy to use functionalities such as real-time messaging, real-time presence, secure chat, notification alerts, direct voice-calls, picture sharing, voice messages, location services and corporate directory access.
More information at msgtrack.xyzrd.com.



Zultys Advanced Communicator is a new Unified Communications/Collaboration client that brings power and ease of use to help teams collaborate more efficiently. ZAC combines standard call control and real time status with team collaboration to simplify and enhance team communications. Today’s ZAC 3.0 introduces more powerful and robust features based on your feedback. ZAC has matured and is ready to assist your business with time saving and useful unified communications features. ZAC is the basis that we will deliver our new complete unified collaboration suite on.
More information at zultys.com/download-zac/.


Flex Web Connector

Flex Web Connecor is a service intended for the integration of communication systems based on Zultys MX platform with various CRM / ERP applications. Now users will be able to receive information about incoming calls directly to the CRM / ERP applications, as well as make calls to customers from these applications. The current version supports ZenDesk, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
More information Coming Soon.