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Our company
Our company


XYZrd Group was established in 2010 in order to bring innovative products and technologies for new generation of computing devices to the marketplace worldwide.

The XYZrd is the developer of many applications and unique services for mobile device users who want to be in touch with digital world around us. XYZrd strongly focused on applications and services based on Apple platform (iOS and OS X devices) and cloud services based on Linux. We’ve tried to put in words the ideas that motivate us as a company, the things that make us a team instead of just a collection of people who happen to work in the same office.


We design communication and information driven (include big data processing solutions) applications for many types of computation devices that utilise Internet based technologies.

Infinity Strand

Infinity Strand — hardware and software system for storing and analysing the results of molecular biological research. Being a product created in the era of genomic research, Infinity Strand is a professional tool for working with steadily growing volume of experimental data.

Key features of Infinity Strand:

  1. Creating a database of genetic information;
  2. The assessment of the genetic diversity of populations;
  3. Search genotype relationship and its external manifestations;
  4. Functional genomics;
  5. Statistical data processing.

UC solutions based on Zultys MX platform

The Zultys MX family of cloud and premise based enterprise class IP phone systems combines best of breed Unified Communications (UC) features into an easily scalable “all-in-one” native SIP solution that can support up to 10,000 users across 128 locations. Based on secure Linux and open standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), Zultys packs its IP phone systems full of business enhancing features that provide a wide range of enterprise-class Unified Communications services, allowing companies to gain a competitive advantage and achieve a rapid return on investment.

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Cloud Storyboard

Cloud StoryBoard is a simple and convenient solution for any teams to work with documents on mobile devices. With it, team members can store documents or links on server, making them available to other members of the working groups and divisions. Immediate notification of the availability of new or changed documents, as well as the opportunity to view them at any time at any place. All members in your team will keep abreast of current work.

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XYZrd develops outstanding services and applications for iPhone, iPad, OS X, Linux and the Web. Our strong team of dedicated programmers and graphics designers spend their days building intelligent, easy to use applications leaving you free to focus on your next project.

iPhone Applications Development

XYZrd is a design house of iOS and OS X applications. Our expertise on the platform extends from years of meticulous work in associated technologies such as OS X, Cocoa, Interface Builder and Open-CL and deep knowledge of development for cloud platforms based on Linux servers. XYZrd began developing for iPhone in March 2008, and has published applications for a variety clients. XYZrd has the capacity, expertise and insider knowhow to bring your project to market.

The programmers at our development team have the expertise you seek in the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK), Cocoa Touch⁄Objective-C, OpenGL ES, Audio Video Foundation Framework, Core Graphics, Animation, Network Programming, Bonjour, Web, XML/JSON Parsing, RPC and Webkit Programming.

Mac Application Development

XYZrd offers a wide variety of native OS X applications development — ranging from vertical business applications to simple utilities and tools. We faithfully stick to Apple’s elegant user interface philosophy, producing visually stunning and feature–rich applications built on the latest technologies. Our code is fast, clean and efficient, and each line is unique and project–specific. If a certain feature doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll keep tweaking till it’s just right.

The team at our developers has expertise in Cocoa⁄Objective-C, OpenGL, Core Graphics, Core Imaging, Core Foundation, Core Services, Core Animation, Core Data, Core Audio, Core Video, AppleScript, Quartz, QuickTime Framework, IOKit Driver Framework, Dashboard Widgets Programming, Bonjour, Webkit, Instant Message Framework, Database programming and Localization.

User Interface and Visual Design

The graphical user interface is the medium of communication between people and their machines. XYZrd’s interfaces are intuitive, enjoyable and quick.

XYZrd designers have years of experience in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and OmniGraffle. To create each stunning application, the XYZrd user interface design team carefully tweaks the colors, perspective, depth of field, composition, symmetry, contrast, lighting and typography so that nothing detracts from the user experience. A XYZrd application is both visually appealing and effortless to use.


Zultys Inc.

Zultys delivers the most compelling feature-rich Enterprise-class IP PBX telephone system in its class today. Our award-winning platform allows businesses to easily deploy a complete voice and Unified Communications solutions without the complexity or cost of the other brands. Zultys connects all of your offices and teams together into a seamless network, so whether you have one office or multiple locations your employees can work together as a single integrated team to boost productivity and the quality of service provided to your customers.

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Quarta Technologies

The company “Quarta Technologies” since its inception in 1997 has been successfully operating on the Russian IT-market in the distribution and sale of software products, computer equipment and supplies complete solutions for commercial and government organizations and structures. The company focuses on 2 main areas, complement one another:

  1. System integration in the field of basic infrastructure. Company provide a full range of services, from assistance in selecting and supplying software and hardware from over 150 manufacturers to develop and deploy complex infrastructure solutions based on products and technologies Microsoft, Quest Software, OPNET, Avocent, Atlassian, Web-trends, Amulet Hotkey, HP, Cisco and others.
  2. Distribution and full of information and support Microsoft Windows Embedded technologies. The range of services includes training services, consulting, build an operating system and software development in the field of Embedded.

For each of these areas Quart cooperates with major vendors. The qualitative level of cooperation supported by partnership status: Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Microsoft Authorized Educational Reseller, Microsoft Windows Embedded Gold Partner, HP Preferred Partner, Symantec Silver Partner, Cisco Select Certified Partner and other more than 40 partnership certificates.

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